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Thanks so much for requesting the Guided Imagery audio. You can download it here:

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The most amazing thing about people is the paradox of our incredible strength to withstand great  hardships and our extreme sensitivity.

Sometimes the ‘quickest’ way to make changes is to slow down.  I know that sounds counter intuitive, but think about it. There are 2 ways that people avoid change:

1. They keep so busy doing things that they have no time to reflect

2. They spend all their time reflecting and they do nothing. I offer you a guided imagery where you slow down and but only for a designated time – just 20 minutes. Just enough time to relax and to open up to what someone else would see in your life.

Sometimes what we need is simply a quiet time to reflect and be open to a different perspective.  The things we see in our own lives are so obvious to us that we  can’t even imagine that there could be another way of seeing these things.

I remember there was a time when I was not thrilled with my hubby. To me he seemed thoroughly disinterested in his appearance and it really upset me.  One day a couple of women friends were over at the house and one of them was spending her time making a pass at my husband.  I was astonished. What did she see in him? It truly made me take another look.

This guided imagery gives you a chance to see things through someone else’s eyes without any tension or anger.

It’s just the perspective of a reporter with no skin in the games.

Just seeing your landscape with someone else’s eyes can change the value you place on your relationship even without doing anything else.

Plus 20 minutes of guided imagery is relaxing and like a mini vacation! Try it; you’ll like it. Then be the reporter in your own life!

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