The Valentine Relationship Book

valentine$6.99 The Valentine Relationship Book. 3 Outrageous Secrets you Simply Must Know.    Meant to be a quick read that amuses as much as informs. You will say, “I never thought of it that way.”

The mini – book is the first in a series of Holiday Books. Merle wanted the book to be light-hearted and yes offer a different perspective on common, taken-for-granted ‘truths’.

You will likely read this quickly, but think about it for a long time. For instance, the first ‘outrageous secret’ is “Make sure he’s NOT treating you special”. You’ll have to get the book to see how that makes sense. Interesting enough to test your usual way of thinking, short enough to finish in one sitting, simple enough to remember and use to improve your relationship. It is the first (#1) in The Relationship Mini Book Series.

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