AUGUST WORKPLACE RELATIONSHIP SPECIAL:  Are you miserable at work and just can’t quit. Would you like a special trick that will turn around your workplace environment.  It may not be better than winning the lottery, but it will sure make your work more fun. As the relationship miracle worker, I can help you smooth out your relationships at home and at work. This may be easier to fix than you thought.  It may take only one session to change the course of you work life. I am running an August Special of One session for $150  $50 . That’s $100 savings. And it may save your job and your sanity.
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Don’t just sit there and cry. Call me 323 464 8897. We can fix this.


Merle M. Singer
Relationship problems? Author & personal coach Merle Singer is a relationship miracle worker. Her advice will help you take control of your relationships.

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