December 11, 2016

Cracking the Relationship Code, Mary Ann Style

I’m in process of writing a book, CRACKING THE RELATIONSHIP CODE; Debunking Conventional Wisdom. Sometimes, I check in with people about how they happen to have a successful marriage, and then I write what […]
August 16, 2016

End Relationship Boredom; Make Your Own Miracle.

I believe in miracles.  I mean man-made (well, person-made) miracles.ition of miracle is an unexpected, positive result beyond your Let me give you an example. Bill and Mary have been married for 19 years, […]
June 19, 2014
How Expectation Ruin Relationships

How Expectations Ruin Relationships and Marriages

How Expectations Ruin Relationships & What You Can Do About It Imagine this: You and your partner (husband or significant other) have been invited to a special dinner with three other couples. It’s going […]

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