Relationship Coaching


Relationship Coaching

As well as classes/workshops in person and on line, Merle offers individual sessions.

She has had great success doing sessions over the phone or skype.

A lot of people call with relationship problems and questions about how to save a marriage. Sometimes men want help understanding women.

Each situation is different, but it all boils down to relationship questions.

Also people come to Merle after attending Navigating Relationship Stress at Work, and want a little bit more advice—maybe just a specific question or two dealing with handling stress at work and wanting tips for relieving that stress at work.

Usually sessions are an hour long.

But sometimes, you have a specific issue to discuss and that’s it; half an hour will do.

In fact sometimes it’s just one question—15 minutes and you’re on your way.

“Merle has the work and life experience to back up the methods and philosophies that she teaches.”

AnnMarie Johansen

Relationship Coaching Packages

60 Minutes


Relationship Coaching

Individual Session

30 Minutes


Relationship Coaching

Individual Session

15 Minutes


Relationship Coaching

Individual Session

Private Phone or Skype Consultation

w/ THE Relationship Miracle Worker

Please click on the button and fill out the form to purchase a private phone or Skype consultation for any issue that you want me to help you with. I will receive this message personally and get back with you right away.


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