Merle M. Singer

Merle M. Singer

THE Relationship Miracle Worker

Merle M Singer is THE Relationship Miracle Worker. Working primarily with women who have relationship problems and are unhappy, Merle helps them move beyond the blame to transform their relationship to a more healthy relationship– and bring more happiness into their lives! Most importantly Merle’s techniques and marriage advice are designed to work – without their partner participating or even knowing!

Merle’s students have found the same techniques are effective in the workplace to deal with work related stress, where she has become The BUSINESS Relationship Miracle Worker. Navigating Relationship Stress at Work (When Gong Postal is not an Option) is a workshop that give many tips for relieving stress at work.

Merle holds both a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education and a Master of Science degree in the Psychology of Reading from Temple University.

Perhaps Merle’s most significant credentials with regards to her significant abilities as a relationship expert are her more than 45 years of marriage to the same man, having parented her husband’s children and their own son. Merle is easily able to empathize with women, understanding women who’ve experienced significant relationship difficulties and to help them overcome them, as she has. She has courses that offer relationship advice for women on techniques that my save their marriage


“Merle is insightful, informed and enthusiastic. Her “take” on relationships is fresh and very effective.”

Patti Negri – Owner/Producer Brain Brew Entertainment

Merle’s “big vision” commitment is to bring peace to the world, one relationship at a time.

With her background, Merle has a unique ability to turn her relationship experience, knowledge and wisdom into highly informative, inspiring and motivating presentations with relationship advice for women. She offers real-world and virtual (online and via teleconference) presentations, classes, courses, workshops, seminars, speeches, keynotes and coaching to learn how to save her marriage and/or bring more happiness back into your life.


Merle’s work history helps with first hand knowledge of how to manage stress at work.

She owned 2 pharmacies with her husband – with 17 employees in one. That gave her a view of work relationships from the boss’s point of view. She worked at a holding company, doing accounting work for a small group of Saudi sheiks with local investments. Financial deadlines made her learn how to deal with work stress. Of course junior high school teaching gives a completely different perspective on relationships. Also, leadership roles in the community has earned her “Woman of Distinction” Award given by Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and affording plenty of experience in dealing with relationship stress caused by different personalities and egos. The relationship stress in community organization is greater than the commercial/corporate workplace because it’s volunteer. No one HAS to be there. It takes plenty of thought and focus to discover and use the many tips for relieving stress at work in the community and inspiring people to want to continue to volunteer.

She even owned a company that manufactured and sold replicas of pharmaceutical antiques for a short time.

A work history that includes success and failure, boss and employee just like her marriage, experiencing both success and failure. It was in year 19 that Merle was ready to ‘give up the ghost’ and split from her marriage. It was her grown sons that slowed down the split up. He pushed for some marriage counseling. It worked; the couple stayed together, but Merle was still discontented. If marriage counseling couldn’t help; she needed to coach herself.

She didn’t know what to do, so she started with her bucket list, picking things to do that would make herself happy. She simply put her husband on the shelf, so to speak, focusing completely on her own happiness. After 19 years of focusing on husband and children, this felt odd. She got her mojo back and would come home from work, Greeting Hubbie with a smile and a hug – completely forgetting how mad she was at him. That was certainly a lesson in how mood affects relationships.


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What she learned from her own experience is in her course, “3 Steps to Transform Your Relationship Experience.’

The updated course will be available on her website shortly. However if you can’t wait, let her know at and she will schedule a on-line webinar.

Her latest book, “The Valentine Relationship Book; 3 Outrageous Secrets You Simply Must Know” is available at Kindle and Amazon. Pick up your copy today!


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