I’m in the middle of writing my book, Cracking the Relationship Code.  I committed the deadly sin; I checked my email.  Here’s a copy of what I read.


My Mentor by Lauren Fischer March 24, 2017

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The Top Ten Things I love about my mentor (so far!), Merle Minkoff-Singer:


  1. has been with PWT since the beginning!
  2. has at least three hair colors going on at any given time!
  3. taught me that speaking and reading out loud are two different things
  4. says encouraging things to me that make my heart happy
  5. showed me a great way to structure an evaluation for a speech
  6. makes me laugh…every time!
  7. teaches me to “just say yes”!
  8. knows how to be strong and also how to be vulnerable
  9. has shared her knowledge on the ins and outs of navigating Toastmasters!
  10. makes sure I know she is proud of me. 🙂

Lauren Fischer

When Laurie gave an icebreaker speech!

 By the way, it is very enjoyable to mentor someone

  1. who asks for help
  2. who listens
  3. who follows the advice that makes sense to her
  4. who takes risks
  5. who shares  only her successes with everyone else

Indeed, I am proud of my mentee, Lauren Fischer.

Merle M. Singer
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