Business Relationships

You can keep your current job without losing your sanity and/or your self respect. You will learn techniques to deal with difficult boss, manage a negative co-worker, handle burn out, etc.

DSC_8580Free – Introductory Presentations — Designed for Human Resource people looking to invigorate the workforce and increase the bottom line.

NAVIGATING RELATIONSHIP STRESS AT WORK, When Going Bonkers in not an Option Workshop on Site – 2 hour – Specific techniques that actually create positive mood change. (Let’s just say it; it will make employees happier) Happier employees are more productive and increase the bottom line.

The workshop is based on the theory that what you put your attention on, expands. But how do you take your attention off the annoying things that your boss or someone else does? Happily, the workshop will answer that question. Happier employees are more productive and increase the bottom line.  Also people come to Merle after attending Navigating Relationship Stress at Work, and want a little bit more advice—maybe just a specific question or two dealing with handling stress at work and wanting tips for relieving that stress at work.