Merle M. Singer

Merle M. Singer

Merle M. Singer

The Relationship Miracle Worker

Merle M Singer is called THE Relationship Miracle Worker, because she works miracles* with (mostly) women who are unhappy and blame their partner. These women – and men — transform their relationships and bring more happiness into their lives using her 3-Step “Transform Your Relationship Experience” (TM) System without their partner participating or even knowing.

Her students have found the same techniques are effective in the workplace, where she has become The BUSINESS Relationship Miracle Worker, with workshops titled, Navigating Relationship Stress in the Workplace (When Going Bonkers is not an Option.)

As a double degreed educator, Merle has a unique ability to turn her relationship experience, knowledge and wisdom into highly informative, inspiring and motivating presentations. She offers real-world and virtual (online and via teleconference) presentations, classes, courses, workshops, seminars, speeches, keynotes and coaching.

*The definition of Merle’s Miracles is Not the miracles that an Almighty Creator performs that impact the entire universe. Merle’s Miracles are the miracles that each of us perform that impact our own entire private, personal world.

“Merle has the work and life experience to back up the methods and philosophies that she teaches.”

AnnMarie Johansen

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