August 11, 2017
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April 10, 2018
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A soccer coach in West Hollywoo20171130_170159d and Beverly Hills quit because parents on the side lines were rude and insulting.

This is a guy you has been volunteering for about 10 years. It finally got too much for him and he quit.

Some people agreed with him and some didn’t.  What do you think?

Are parents  getting a bit too involved? Is it really their game to win or lose, or is it the kids?

What do you think? Do the kids just want to have a good time?  Is it really all about winning all the time?  The parents are so interested in winning and getting a trophy.  It seems that their kids are the trophies that parents want to show off.  These parents are cursing out volunteer coaches that don’t even get paid.


As Avery Crut, soccer coach, summed it up as he quit. “Be nice to everyone!” Sounds pretty reasonable to me. Afterall, aren’t adults/parents supposed to model sportsmanship and decency? What are your thoughts?



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