DSC_8305 (1)I like to write. I like to talk.

Writing, to me, is like ‘finger talking.’

As, THE Relationship Miracle Worker, I am an expert in relationships. And just about everyday, I see people in the midst of relationship, including myself. There’s always something to write about. It seems to me I think in blogs. And it seems that every time I read the paper, there’s something to write about.

Relationship is the basis for civilization. And the relationship with ourselves is the person to start with. It’s not selfish to work at making yourself happy; it’s the foundation of your satisfying relationships with all the other people in your life.

Here’s an example: When Nathan and I were dating and getting serious, he asked me if I would be willing to have his 2 children (14 & 9) live with us. I said absolutely as long as his ex signed off on it. But first he had to take me on a trip to Europe. He did take me to Europe. Fabulous. We came home, bought a home (thank you Mom and Mom). The kids moved in and the Singer Family Life began. I felt honored, loved, fulfilled an important bucket list item, and I was ready to give love and honor to the kids. That’s’ what I mean by the relationship with yourself is oxygen of your relationships with others..

So my blogs will deal with relationship – directly or indirectly. Sometimes related to celebrity.

Just in case, you have a response, please respond. I love to hear from you. A monologue is good; a dialogue is great.

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