Looking for change? It only takes one. You.

Keynotes and Workshops

What is a healthy relationship at home, Tips for relieving stress at work, and Trust in a Relationship are some of the topics covered in her speeches and workshops.

Individual Coaching

Merle’s coaching is designed to deal with specific questions of men and women. Coaching for individuals for individual problems. Phone and Skype makes no one too far away for marital advice and romance advice.

Cracking the Code

Merle M Singer is an expert on Relationships – Business and Personal. Over 50 years married to the same man proves she has a successful Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Merle & Patti – Every Monday!

“My experience with Merle has led me to believe that virtually anyone – including you – can benefit significantly by working with her to bring more happiness back into your own life.”

“Your affirmations continue to help me every day.”

Coaching Client

“Before I met Merle, my life was skidding on the too-often rocky road of my significant relationship.”

J. D.

THE Relationship Miracle Worker

Merle M Singer is THE Relationship Miracle Worker. Merle knows about successful relationships from the inside out – with her very own. She had to start with her own self love, learn to respect differences, tame her anger, and work at changing her own behavior. Merle discovered her husband was not the only imperfect spouse; she was as well.

Once she figured it all out and even enjoyed taking responsibility for her relationship and her life, people started asking her advice. How did she manage to be so happy. Now, she works primarily with women who have relationship problems and are unhappy, Merle helps them move beyond the blame to transform their relationship to a more healthy relationship– and bring more happiness into their lives! Most importantly Merle’s techniques and marriage advice are designed to work – without their partner participating or even knowing!

Merle’s students have found the same techniques are effective in the workplace to deal with work related stress, where she has become The BUSINESS Relationship Miracle Worker. Navigating Relationship Stress at Work (When Going Bonkers is not an Option) is a workshop that give many tips for relieving stress at work.

Here’s where the miracle comes in. It’s true you can’t change anyone other than yourself, but you can change any and everything environment that you are in. That doesn’t change the other person, but it does change what they respond to. Truly it only takes one.