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Change The Environment At Work

Change The Environment At Work

Here’s a story my friend Patsy Bellah told me.

It was back when she was working for a legal firm, and the general atmosphere throughout the large firm was somber and glum.

Well, it turned out that her small department was moved to the very end of the large somber set of open offices.

Her small group was affected by the negativity and was concerned about having to go the length of that shadow land to get to the kitchen for their coffee. Well, the group of them conspired to buy a large thermos, so they would only have to make the trip once a day.

Patsy volunteered to make the trip every morning.  No one understood why. “You don’t even drink coffee, Patsy”.   But there was method in her madness.

Every morning she would  walk the length of the building swinging her thermos, smiling and saying “Hello,” to everyone she passed.  Patsy was consistent in her smiling and her greetings. Pretty soon, people were smiling before she got to them in anticipation.

Within a short time the mood of the entire larger office changed. It lightened.  Patsy assured me that she was not trying to change anyone. She was trying to change the environment that she worked in, and she succeeded.

That’s the story Patsy has told me several times over the years, but this time I got the rest of the story.  The next promotion that came up went to Patsy.  She has no idea why. But we think we know.

I love this story, because she took action and didn’t try to change anyone.  Why do you like this story.  I’d like to know and so would Patsy.

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